KicksOneTwo Founder and Editor, Ross Dwyer: About Me

Hey, I’m thrilled that you’re here. I’m looking forward to bringing you my thoughts and opinions on the culture that I love so much and providing quality content. A little background on me: I’m 26 years old, and have been collecting sneakers/obsessing over streetwear for over a decade (since I was 15 to be specific). If I could only wear three shoes for the rest of my life they would be:

  • Air Jordan I’s

  • Vans Sk8-Hi’s

  • Adidas Gazelles 

I’ve enjoyed basketball since I was young, and always took note of what my favorite players (Allen Iverson, and Kevin Garnett, to name two) were wearing. When I started working in a shoe store as a 15 year old, it was a wrap. I started buying every sneaker I’d ever wanted since I finally had a little bit of pocket money to spare, and my passion/obsession (depends on who you ask) only grew from there.

I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through my words, and always knew that I could do better than the mediocre to (let’s be completely honest here…) poor writing and grammar that I see on some of the bigger sneaker sites. Although I’d mulled around the idea of starting my own site to broadcast my take on our culture for quite a while, I didn’t get the push I needed to go through with it until Spring 2014.

I was sitting around bored at my dull office job daydreaming about Flyknit and JS Wings, when the name KicksOneTwo popped into my head.  (Anyone who doesn’t get the connection to our Minneapolis area code 612 should stop reading now.) I thought it would be dope to shine a spotlight on what makes our community special, and show love to some of the awesome people I’ve mashed minds with in this cultural journey.  A phrase I’ve always tried to live by is “Conformity Erodes the Soul” and I figured it was time to put that into action!

If you’re still with me, I hope you have a little better understanding of the meaning behind this site. Come back frequently! We’ll be bringing you updates on what’s going on in our community, from sneakers, to events, to dope music! Excited to continue this journey with everyone!


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