Ronnie Fieg Is Unstoppable


Ronnie Fieg. A name that every sneakerhead knows well. A man who’s known for thoughtful, tasteful designs on his collaborative footwear efforts and his own Kith clothing. A man who’s fully entered the spotlight after his Kithland presentation last week.


Ronnie and Kith have always been ahead of the curve. They were one of the first brands to really, truly popularize the jogger pant stateside, and now they create everything from cut-and-sew menswear to a full-fledged women’s line that’s been met with critical acclaim. The creativity doesn’t just stop at the product either. Ronnie’s retail stores are constantly lauded for being top-of-the-line when it comes to their design and aesthetic. read more

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Music Mondays: September 19th


For today’s edition of Music Mondays, we’re bringing you one of our favorite classic tracks … with one of the best beats you’ve ever heard, and a great video to boot. Here’s Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says”.

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Summer Sixteen: A Polaroid Retrospective


It’s official: Summer’s over, and fall is upon us.

Starting in June and ending in August, I took Polaroids of my friends (or enlisted them to take one if I’m in the picture) on a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. They may be made into a book within the next few months, but I thought it only right to premiere them right here on KicksOneTwo ┬áThese are the faces of Summer Sixteen in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Enjoy!












I had a great deal of fun shooting all of these photos, and am extremely thankful to have so many awesome people around me all summer. Ya’ll are the best. read more

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TODAY: Fall Festival Block Party On Como Ave

11 x7

It’s going down on Como Avenue today.

Piff Minneapolis is hosting the “Fall Festival” block party on Como Avenue, right in front of the “I’m Feeling Good” mural by the shop from 3PM-7PM. The event is completely free to attend … but if you do feel like donating money, Football Pizza, Blue Door Pub, and Black Coffee and Waffle Bar will be donating a percentage of their sales to the Minneapolis Boys and Girls Club, so you can eat good and feel good at the same time. That’s a rare opportunity, so it’s definitely one you want to take advantage of when it comes around. read more

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Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Weekend


What a crazy week in sneakers.

It’s Friday. The weekend isn’t even upon us yet, and we’ve already been blessed with some dumb fire, courtesy of Nike x Supreme (Blazers), and Nike x Acronym (Prestos).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. This weekend is one of the most loaded sneaker release weekends in recent memory with collabs and premium releases galore dropping … so you already know we had to rank our 5 favorites. We’ve gotta say: in all our years of ranking jawns we’ve never had this much difficulty creating a list, but we somehow managed to make the tough decisions and narrow all the releases down to just 5. Let’s get right to it. read more

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A Fond Farewell To The Triple White Ultra Boost


The Triple White Ultra Boost: a shoe that truly never shows any signs of slowing down. It’ll restock, sell out, restock, sell out again, restock again, sell out again. It’s fall now, and the temperature is getting cooler which usually means it’s time to put the white kicks away, but you still see that all-white Ultra Boost everywhere you go.

Well, all good things (and fire jawns) must come to an end sooner or later. Adidas has announced that the Triple Whites will restock one last time on their online store this month … and then they’ll be done, as the Three Stripes will be moving on to whatever new fire they’ve got coming out. read more

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Verne Troyer Unboxing His Yeezy 350’s Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week


We love the Austin Powers series here at KicksOneTwo. The crazy, over-sexualized spy has brought us a lot of laughs, and so has his supporting cast of characters, like Fat Bastard and Mini-Me. The movies were a large part of our childhood, so any time someone from the films is in the news, we like to see what’s going on

So you already know we were in for a treat this week when we saw that Mini-Me himself, Verne Troyer, was sent a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts (in infant sizes, of course … he is Mini-Me after all), we couldn’t wait to see the video for ourselves. read more

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TONIGHT: “Kithland”, Kith’s First Ever Runway Show


We love Kith here at KicksOneTwo. Their aesthetic is sporty yet clean and refined, they crank out consistently good product year after year, and they’re always cooking up crazy collabs, like their recently announced Bergdorf Goodman partnership, consisting of a Kith shop within the legendary store, and a co-branded line of apparel. Ronnie Fieg stays winning, and despite all the naysayers … he can do no wrong.

So, needless to say, we were thrilled when the news broke that Kith would be hosting their first-ever runway show, “Kithland” during New York Fashion week. We were even more stoked when it was announced that Kithland would be live-streamed on the Kith website for those of us not lucky enough to be in New York for the event. read more

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Music Mondays: September 12th

SXSW Photos by Anna Mazurek, March 12, 2014

For today’s edition of Music Mondays, we bring you one of our favorite tracks off of Isaiah Rashad’s new album “The Sun’s Tirade”. Here’s “Free Lunch”.

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A Salute To Allen Iverson


My favorite basketball player of all time was elected to the Hall Of Fame last week.

Allen Ezail Iverson, legendary for his heart, scoring ability, and deadly crossover has taken his rightful place in a shrine reserved for the greatest to ever play the game.

Anyone who’s seen him play knows: there was nothing like him before, and there will be nothing like him again. He was always on the attack, moving 100 miles an hour even when he was clearly exhausted. He had the heart of a lion, going right at men who were bigger and stronger than he was. If he couldn’t go through them, he’d go around them. He had an uncanny ability to create space and get to the hoop. read more

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