NEW MUSIC ALERT: TVKERS Bring The Heat On “Ghost & Gordan”

Here at KicksOneTwo, we always rock with dope new Minneapolis music, and SPVCE diffusion group TVKERS, composed of SPVCE members GoodKarmaNiles and RP Hooks have released one of our favorite songs of 2017 thus far, “Ghost & Gordan”, produced by Savage Randy, RP Hooks’s alter producer ego.

The song is brooding, sinister, and somewhat menacing. The “don’t make me shoot, I’m just here for the loot” and “open the safe and we cool” refrains in the chorus let you know what time it is, and bridge the vicious verses from GoodKarmaNiles and RP Hooks perfectly. The spaced-out beat from Savage Randy is a welcome change from all the bass-heavy Soundcloud rap that seems to be the flavor of the month nowadays too. An official video for the song shot by SPVCE’s own Mixie will be dropping soon, and a snippet was recently premiered on Twitter.

This is the first official TVKERS song, and although we’re not sure where they’re going from here (SPVCE always does their best to be mysterious), we’re looking forwards to more tracks from the duo … especially if they sound like this one. You can stay up to date on all things TVKERS by following their SoundCloud here,¬†and be sure to stay tuned to KicksOneTwo for updates on everything that’s popping in Minneapolis.


What do you think of the new TVKERS song? What’s your favorite song/project from the SPVCE catalog? Hit us up and let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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