The DMP Pack Is Back In A Big Way

There’s nothing in the sneaker game quite like a DMP pack.

Two Jordans, the numbers of which add up to 23, full of meaning, great details, and excellent packaging. DMP packs were arguably the high point of sneakers when they initially released, and Jordan wisely shelved them for a few years, enabling them to maintain their iconic status.

But it’s that time again. The DMP pack is back in a big way, and sneakerheads around the world are rejoicing. There’s a few differences this go-around, but thankfully in this case, change is a good thing.

For starters, the numbers of the two Jordans included in the pack don’t add up to 23. They’re a 13 and a 14 (which makes 27 if you’re mathematically challenged), and they’re inspired by the infamous 1998 NBA Championship, in which the Bulls vanquished the Utah Jazz on Michael Jordan’s infamous “Last Shot”.

The outside of the box features the play Phil Jackson drew up to spring Michael Jordan free so he could hit that infamous jumper, and the shoes feature white/gold (the XIII) and black/gold (the XIV) detailing, similar to the infamous Gold Medal pack and inspired by the NBA Championship trophy.

Gold’s always been a good color for Jordans, and it lends itself extremely well to these two shoes. They’re clean, they’re classic, and they’re arguably the best Jordan set to release so far this year (except for maybe the Kaws IV’s). There’s no official release date just yet (or images that aren’t cell phone pictures with tags), but stay tuned, as we’re sure we’ll be getting some news soon.

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