Can The Air Woven Be A Hit In 2017?

The Nike Air Woven. A shoe that was well ahead of its time when it originally released in 2000, and only in Japan. A shoe that offers a sleek look with a slip-on design that ensures it can be worn both with and without socks. A classic, innovative shoe in Nike’s catalog that was well ahead of its time.

Here we are in 2017, and the Air Woven is back. Upon its original release, it was somewhat of a niche shoe, as the style wasn’t really in at the time (think more chunky shoes like Air Force 1’s), but it’s developed a cult following over the years, and the sleek, minimalist style that it offered is very much in in 2017.

What’s even more interesting is that the Air Woven checks off two of the biggest current trends in the footwear industry. It’s still sleek and minimal, but also undeniably vintage and retro, which has been huge. The initial reaction has proved favorable, so it’s looking good for this futuristic retro hybrid (that’s a weird combo of words you never though you’d hear, eh?), so we’re thinking it just might be one of the most popular shoes of 2017.

When you see them all over the place in a few months, don’t be surprised. Just like usual … you heard it here first. Shouts out the Air Woven, it’s back to make big waves just like it did when it first dropped.


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