The Jordan I Royal “Satin” Release Was Handled The Right Way

The Jordan I “Royal” release is officially in the books. The madness has died down, and the sneaker game is in a state of calm … at least until the next hyped release drops and gets everyone all gassed up again.

Now that some time has passed, we can look back upon the release with a different perspective. How was it handled? How did everything go? Pretty well, in fact. There was some fuckery, both from stores and customers, but that’s to be expected. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

However, the Jordan I Royal “Satin” was also released, in much more limited quantities … and we’ve got to say, we were very impressed with how the release was handled. The Royal is an extremely classic shoe, and Jordan Brand opted to give the special edition to the first two stores that carried their products, Walter’s in Atlanta, and Active Athlete in Houston. There were 700 pairs made of the shoe, and they were split evenly between both stores.

This was a perfect way to release the sneaker. Give a luxe version of one of your most classic sneakers to your day 1 supporters, and let the hype do the rest. The Internet went crazy over these, and they’re reselling for well over a thousand dollars, so you could be forgiven for thinking the release was absolute chaos.

But it wasn’t. It was small, limited, and personal. Just the way it should have been. Kudos to Jordan Brand for doing right by their OG supporters.


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