Like NMD’s? Today’s Your Day

There’s a good chance you’re a fan of the adidas NMD. Since their initial release back in 2015, the NMD has become the go-to shoe for many a sneakerhead owing to its lightweight comfort and versatility (the hype around adidas helped too). It’s available in a multitude of colors and styles, and there’s an NMD out there for just about anyone.

The rough thing about the NMD though is it can sometimes be hard to cop. Due to its popularity, it tends to sell out fast, so if you’re not on top of things, you won’t be getting your pair. You’re in luck today though: adidas will be restocking 19 (that’s right, 19) colorways of their most popular shoe in men’s and women’s sizes.

NMD’s usually release in bunches, but 19’s a big bunch, especially with all the women’s options. The restock consists of NMD R2’s and XR1’s, and some adidas stockists will receive a few colorways from the set, but as far as we know, the adidas webstore will be the only spot with the full 19-pair set, which will drop at 10 AM EST sharp today … so you’ve got a chance to cop some fresh NMD’s AND some new Supreme (it’s Thursday).

So be ready for tomorrow … it’s a great chance for you to get your Boost game strong before the summer starts. The NMD is a great summer shoe, and if you do your thing tomorrow you’ll be set all summer long. Hit SneakerNews (the best sneaker site on the Net besides KicksOneTwo) to see all 19 pairs that will be available.


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