You Need To Add A Pair Of adidas Gazelles To Your Rotation

You’re always on the hunt for that perfect summer sneaker. That shoe that’s sleek, but still has some substance. It’s gotta look good with both pants and shorts, and it’s gotta be able to take a bit of a beating too, cause you’re gonna go on some adventures this summer, and you don’t want a shoe that’s going to get thrashed right off the jump.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect sneaker for you: the adidas Gazelle. It’s a classic model that offers everything you could possibly need, and it can easily find a place in your summer sneaker rotation.

adidas recently re-introduced the Gazelle, one of their most classic models into their lineup, and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It occupies a great middle ground between the extra-slim Stan Smith and the somewhat chunky Superstar, as it’s a sleek silhouette that provides just enough heft to appear solid, thanks to the soccer-inspired tongue and toecap design. Plus, they’re designed to take a beating. We’ve worn our pairs quite frequently already … and they’re still holding up very nicely.

The colorways are simple and clean, and the shoes are widely available. You can get them at almost any chain sneaker retailer in a multitude of sizes, so you don’t have to worry about them being sold out like you do with limited release kicks.

So grab a pair of Gazelles, and throw them in your Summer 17 rotation. You’ll be extremely glad that you did, as they’re one of the most versatile shoes on the market today.


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