Jesse Williams: Very Opinionated On His Kicks

We greatly enjoy Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” episodes. No matter if the guest is oblivious, or well-versed, the episodes always make for some great entertainment. The recent episode with Allen Iverson was fantastic (even though we all know that he didn’t pay a damn dime for those Reeboks, he’s got a lifetime contract), and the new episode with Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy (lol) fame is quite interesting too.

Remember how we mentioned above that the guests on Sneaker Shopping range from uninformed to knowledgable and opinionated? Jesse definitely falls in the latter category. The man knows his stuff, and clearly has a passion for sneakers, which is a lot of fun to watch. When guests on Sneaker Shopping have opinions, it’s much more fun to listen to them even if you don’t necessarily agree with what they’re saying.

Case in point: Jesse thinks it’s sacrilege that Jordan Brand has been chopping down their classic models into low-top form. We don’t really agree with this. Low-top Jordans make a lot of sense for the summer, and although they’re nowhere as dope as the OG’s, there’s still a place for them. However, we’d rather that he have an opinion than blindly just saying “these are hard” to everything that pops up.

Shouts to Complex on another dope episode of Sneaker Shopping. We’ll be anxiously awaiting more.


What do you think about the newest episode of Sneaker Shopping? Do you agree with Jesse and think he knows his stuff about Jordans, or do you feel like he’s talking out of his ass? Do you like any of the low-top retros? Hit us up and let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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