Best Of Both Worlds: The Jordan x Converse 2-Pair Pack Will Be Dope

Jordan and Converse. Two brands that fall on opposite ends of the spectrum … but both started out serving the same market. Both were originally manufactured as athletic shoes, and both have branched out to become much more. Both have iconic models and loyal fanbases, and on the business side, both are owned by Nike.

One thing they have in common that you might not know about? Their association with Michael Jordan. That’s right, MJ used to wear Converse while he was at North Carolina, hitting his iconic championship-winning shot in a pair of Pro Leathers. He’s got history with more than one brand, believe it or not. Jordan even came together with Converse for a limited-edition Pro Leather in 2012 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the historic shot.

So it only makes sense that Converse and Jordan are coming together for a two-pack of shoes, set to release June 28th. There’s no word on how much the shoes will cost just yet, or even what shoes they’ll be, although it’s safe to assume that the Converse will be a Pro Leather (what else could it be?), and rumor has it that the Jordan II “Alumni Game” PE will be the corresponding Jumpman sneaker.

Whatever they drop, it should be cool. When two brands with so much history come together to celebrate an iconic athlete, there’s guaranteed to be some heat … so you’ll want to stay tuned.


What do you think about the idea of the pack as a whole? Which shoes do you think will be included from each participating brand?

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