BrandBlack & Weartesters: An Extremely Interesting Collab

When you see a sneaker collab, especially a performance footwear collab, it’s usually a very high-profile thing. A brand links up with an A-list athlete for a heavily marketed, highly technical, “revolutionary” sneaker. It’s a song and dance that we’ve all see before, and as dope as it is, it’s great to see some new things every so often. Thankfully, BrandBlack is bringing us a new thing with their latest collaboration.

They’re not collaborating with a professional athlete (even though they’ve got names like Jamal Crawford on their roster). They’re collaborating with noted shoe review group WearTesters, headed up by Chris Chase … better known to most as Nightwing 2303.

Chase has been reviewing shoes for many years, and is known for his brutal honesty and excellent tests. His reviews give you good, honest feedback on what to buy, and he’s become a go-to in the performance market for an honest, unbiased opinion. He’s popular … but to a very niche market.

That’s why it’s even cooler that BrandBlack gave him his own shoe. The man may not be the biggest name in the world, but he’s a guru at what he does, and as they say, game recognizes game. BrandBlack is on the come-up and they’re trying to make the best shoes possible … so why not enlist the best shoe tester possible to do just that? Kudos to BrandBlack for the idea, and kudos to Nightwing for grabbing a collab. Wins all around.


What do you think of Nightwing’s collaborative shoe with BrandBlack? Do you think it’s pretty dope, or does the collaboration confuse you? Hit us up and let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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