LaVarr Ball Is Back … And Now He Wants $3 Billion

Lavarr Ball and herpes have a lot in common. They’re both annoying. They both won’t ever go away (just disappear for a little while) … and they both have a bad habit of popping up when you really don’t want to see them.

We’re exaggerating a little bit. Lavarr isn’t quite as bad as herpes. Sure, we dragged him a few weeks back when it was announced that none of the major shoe companies wanted to sign Lonzo (guess they weren’t going for the $1 billion package deal with LiAngelo and LaMelo that LaVarr wanted), and then we shook our heads in disbelief when he released his own $495 shoe. That was some of the most ridiculous sports-related news of the whole year. But even so, we’ve got to give LaVarr his props. Sure, he’s annoying as all hell .. but he’s managed to keep his sons in or around the headlines for the better part of a year, and shows no signs of slowing down. That’s impressive, if nothing else.

Now for some reason, he’s decided that he wants $3 billion instead of $1 billion from the major sneaker companies … even though they didn’t have any interest in paying a billion when that was “on the table”. We’ve gotta ask: what’s the end game? When Lonzo makes it to the NBA, will LaVarr still be shooting his mouth off? We understand the need for publicity, especially in today’s world … but where’s this kind of publicity gonna take you? Not to a major shoe deal, that’s for damn sure.


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