I Feel Like We Got Cheated Out Of Fall Fit Season

It’s cool outside. A little too cool for my tastes. Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails (word to 3 Stacks).

Early November in Minnesota is always chilly, but this year it’s a little different. The temperature has already dipped into the low 30’s, it snowed in October (granted, the snowfall didn’t have the magnitude of the 1991 blizzard, but it still happened), and fall is effectively over. The calendar may say that fall is not officially done until December 21st … but as far as dressing goes, fall is dead and buried six feet under.

I can’t lie to you, my sodium levels are pretty high right now. I’m not salty about the cold. It’s Minnesota. I’ve lived here for damn near 20 years. I know how it goes. The bone-chilling cold is just a part of life up here, and (on a positive note) it makes you tough. I’m just salty because I feel like I got cheated out of fall fit season. I could give a damn about hypothermia or frostbite, I just wanted to get these fits off.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who tells you that fall isn’t the best season for dressing. When the temperature is in the 40’s-50’s, you’ve got access to your whole wardrobe. Want to throw on a flannel over your hoodie? Go right ahead. Jean jacket over a striped top? Run it. Beanies? Lightweight jackets? Heavyweight selvedge jeans? Chunkier, darker-colored kicks? They’re all a go too.

And apart from being able to rock everything that’s in your closet, you can upgrade your collection too. F/W collections are generally full of dope hoodies, outerwear, and other versatile pieces, unlike S/S collections, which are generally more heavy on graphic tees, shorts  etc.

Being able to put together all the clothes you’ve got is a blessing (it’s the little things), and although it’s a short season up here in Minnesota (never more than a couple of weeks), the amount of fits you can get off  more than makes up for the time crunch that you have to do it.

Either winter came too early this year or summer stayed too long, because it seems like there was a solid two weeks of fall weather before the thermometer was on the wrong side of 40 degrees. It’s hard to be upset about what seemed like an extended summer, but I’d trade that whole extended summer for just a couple more fall fits.

Oh well Can’t win em all, and you and I will live to get these fits off another day. It’s winter fit SZN now. Get your puffer jackets and Timbs ready … I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be a cold one.



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