The Material Dilemma

Although this article is similar in nature to the valuable sneakers piece that was put on the site on Sunday, I still thought it was a topic worth touching on.

Sometimes it’s hard being so attracted to material things. A lot of people don’t understand it. “You have how many sneakers?” they say. “You spent how much on that pair of sneakers?” they say. “You know they’re just sneakers, right?” they say. Usually someone like that is easy to ignore, but sometimes it can get bothersome. read more

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KicksOneTwo Trip: Adam’s Storage Locker, Part 2

Adam Westermann has a lot of sneakers. So many, in fact, that we had to write two posts. Our first visit to Adam’s storage locker, if you missed it, is here. Now here are the rest of the pictures from Adam’s locker (assorted Nikes, New Balance, Asics, Jordans, and a pair of Adidas too). Enjoy!

Huge thanks to Adam for letting us come out and shoot all the dope kicks in his locker! Checking out a diverse collection is always a good time. read more

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Kick Pics: Asics Gel Lyte V “Brazil”

Last week, Ronnie Fieg tweeted out a link to a new Gel Lite V colorway that had dropped on the Kith website. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair, and they arrived today. They’re crazy in person, so I had to throw in the rope laces that were included and take a few snaps. Enjoy!

asics 1

asics 2

asics 3

asics 4

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KicksOneTwo Trip: Adam’s Storage Locker, Part 1

Our good friend Adam Westermann had mentioned to us that he had a storage locker full of kicks that he didn’t have room for in Alaska, and that we were welcome to stop by and see what kind of heat was in there.

We jumped at the opportunity (of course) and this last week we were able to make a trip out to the locker and check out what was inside! There were LOTS of crazy kicks in there, so without further ado, here’s all the Nike SB, Flyknit and Reebok that was in the locker!


tweed dunks read more

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Release Calendar: May 12th-18th

May 12

Saucony Shadow Master “Pink/Tan/Beige”-$130

May 13


May 14


May 15


May 16

Ewing 33 Hi “Biking Red”-$110

May 17

Nike LeBron 11 “Everglades”-$200

Nike Kobe 9 EM “Unleashed”-$160

Nike Penny “Shooting Stars” Pack-$500

Liberty x Nike Sportswear Roshe Run-$95

Liberty x Nike Sportswear Sky Hi Dunk-$140

Liberty x Nike Sportswear Air Max 1-$125

Liberty x Nike Sportswear Pegasus-$95

Jordan 2 “Nightshade”-$150

Jordan Future Premium “Black/Army/Dark Sail”-$185 read more

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The True Meaning of “Valuable Sneakers”

If it wasn’t made blatantly obvious by this website, I love sneakers. There’s nothing like opening up that box and taking out some fire for the first time, stepping out of the house with something wavy on, or finally getting your hands on that one sneaker that’s been eluding you for years.

However, the hands-down dopest thing about sneakers is when you have a pair that’s very valuable to you. I’m not necessarily talking about rare sneakers, or sneakers that are worth a lot of money (even though I’ve got kicks that fit in both of those categories). I’m talking about sneakers that bring back memories of a certain time or place, driving their value to you through the roof. read more

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An Interview with Adam Westermann

adam interview pic

For our first interview here at KicksOneTwo, we had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Westermann. Raised right here in Minnesota and currently residing in Alaska, he’s a lover of all things Nike SB, and has been collecting for several years. We discussed several different topics, from how the sneaker game has changed in the last couple years, to what the difference is in the sneaker culture between Minnesota and Alaska. Without any further ado, here’s our conversation:

KicksOneTwo: How long have you been collecting sneakers for and what got you into it? read more

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TCSAX 3 Recap Part 2: On-Feet Snaps

Continuing with our coverage of last Sunday’s TCSAX III event at the Cabooze, here are a few on-feet pics from the event. As lighting was not optimal, it was somewhat challenging to get a ton of snaps, but we still managed to get a few solid shots! Enjoy.

GMP 7's

Hard to go wrong with GMP 7’s (do I spy a pair of baby bears in the background?)

Li-Ning & Jordans

Nice variety of kicks here. Gotta love Li-Ning.

rancell red october

We found Red October. Rancell broke out the Yeezy 2’s.

Nate paranormans

Nate came through with the Paranorman foams read more

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Need some size 14’s? Terrell Owens’s Bigcartel has got you covered.

In one of the strangest pieces of sneaker news in recent memory, Terrell Owens, the man with the 2nd most receiving yards and 3rd most receiving TD’s in NFL history has put up a wide selection of old team Jordans, flip-flops and even a random pair of Lacoste sneakers on his Bigcartel website. If you’re in the market for a fresh pair of size 14’s or just need a good chuckle, check the site out here.

T.O. Bigcartel


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