Starting Five: Alex Timmers

For this week’s Starting Five, we bring you KicksOneTwo homie Alex‘s rotaton. With dope Jordans and  Nikes (plus a great Mississippi River backdrop!), this was a very enjoyable rotation to shoot. Enjoy!

alex starting 5 2

1. Nike KD 6 EXT “Floral”

KD is one of my favorite players, and this is my favorite KD from this year. The floral print is crazy, and you can’t go wrong with an icy sole.

alex starting 5 3

2. Jordan 11 “Bred”

Can’t go wrong with the Breds. They’re a classic shoe that looks good with anything. The patent leather gets me every time. read more

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Starting Five: Bill Cheney

For today’s rotation, we’ll be taking a look at KicksOneTwo homie Bill‘s rotaton. With Jordans of all flavors from retros to new releases, theres something for any Jordan fan in here.

bill starting 5 1

1. Jordan V “Grapes”

My favorite Jordan V colorway of all time. Purple and teal is a great color combo, and it makes for a perfect summer sneaker. I’m glad I sat on these for a little while before I broke them out.

bill starting 5 2

2. Jordan I “Barons”

Classic silhouette with colors that work with anything. I’m a big baseball fan too, so anything baseball-inspired is cool with me. read more

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Starting Five: Garvey John

Today, we take a look at the sneakers in rotation for our good friend (and KicksOneTwo creative director Jahmade‘s little brother) Garvey. Everything from SB’s to Flyknit round out a diverse selection of kicks. Check it out!

garvey 5 1

1. Nike Dunk SB “Mahogany Hemp”

I’m a big fan of Nike SB’s, and you can’t go wrong with any hemp dunk. The mahogany swoosh and the gum midsole seal the deal for me on these.

garvey 5 5

2 Nike Dunk SB High “Thrashin”

Dunks based off of something are crazy to me, and this movie-inspired pair is one of my favorites. I love the multicolor swoosh too. read more

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Starting Five: KicksOneTwo Creative Director Jahmade John

For our second installment of Starting Five, we’ll be taking a look at my rotation. With everything from Nike SB to New Balance, I’m encompassing a wide variety of kicks. Take a look!

1.  Nike Dunk Hi Premium SB “Brainwreck”

Todd Bratrud is one of my favorite designers, and the Brainwreck is a crazy shoe. I really like the cool grey and pink color combo, and the “brain” stitching on the inside is a crazy touch.

2. Nike Dunk Hi Premium SB “Send Help” 1 &2 read more

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Starting Five: KicksOneTwo Founder Ross Dwyer

Welcome to the first post of a new segment we’re excited to bring to you: the Starting Five.

The idea behind the Starting Five is to showcase the five sneakers that are in someone’s rotation, and give them a chance to explain why they’ve been rocking said sneakers so much.

I thought I’d get everything started, so here are the five kicks that are currently in my rotation!

flyknit trainer

1. Nike Flyknit Trainer: Flyknit has become my favorite Nike technology. These are a great summer shoe, very lightweight and comfy. The all-over multicolor Flyknit upper really works with any type of fit. read more

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The Five Best Air Jordans

We’ve addressed the worst, now it’s time for the best.

You read the title right. The five best Air Jordans of all time, in order from my 5th favorite to my all-time favorite. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

5. Air Jordan XII


Starting the list off is the Jordan XII. MJ lost the NBA MVP to Karl Malone in the closest race in NBA history while rocking these shoes, but he did capture his 5th championship and 5th Finals MVP. The XII’s are a simple, understated shoe, so there’s a colorway for everyone. read more

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What I’ve Learned From KicksOneTwo

I’d like to start today’s article off by clarifying its tone and subject matter: This is 100% a personal piece. It’s not an op-ed. It’s not a Top 10 list. It’s not an informative history lesson. It’s not a Starting Five (even though we’ve had several great ones grace these pages in the past few weeks).

This is just me, Ross, looking back over the last four years of my site, KicksOneTwo. Now is a time for recollection and reflection, as I relocated to New York this past week to work as a junior editor for SneakerNews, a brand that I’ve loved since I was a Jordan-obsessed 9th grader working at Champs Sports who always paired his kicks with oversized tees and baggy basketball shorts (I really thought I was killing it too). read more

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One Thousand

One thousand.

Today marks the day that I publish my thousandth personal post on KicksOneTwo (and also post a rare picture of myself). That’s almost three years of a brand-new article every single day at 8AM, be it an opinion piece, a list or an event recap.

KicksOneTwo has done a lot for me. When I conceptualized it while sitting at a desk at my shitty office job in December of 2013, it was just something I wanted to do for fun because I enjoyed writing about the culture I love. I never thought that it would open new doors, introduce me to great new friends, teach me so much about dedication and hard work (do you really think that over the course of writing an article for a thousand days straight, I never once had a day when I didn’t want to write at all?), and least of all, land me a paid writing gig at the very best shop in Minneapolis (shouts to PIFF, my favorite place in the whole world). read more

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Three Brands That You Need To Be Up On

We’re switching it up a little bit today.

Most of the time we’re sharing our thoughts on news, events, or issues in the sneaker game (or bringing you dope pictures of what people in our community are rocking…check Dallas and Jordan‘s Starting Fives if you haven’t already), but today we’re going to be putting you on to a few dope clothing brands that you may have not heard of.

It’s important to make sure you do your kicks justice with a fire outfit, and if you cop a few pieces from these three brands, you’ll be well on your way to making sure you’re on ten from head to toe. Let’s get right to it. read more

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What We’ve Been Up To Part II

What’s really good everyone??

Another month is in the books, and we thought it was time to come back at you with another edition of “What We’ve Been Up To”. A lot has been happening for the both of us in the last few weeks, so it’s only right that we keep you up to speed with everything that’s going on over here at KicksOneTwo and our other ventures. Without further ado, let the updating begin.


All kinds of good stuff going on over here since we last touched base. Bobby and I are still plugging away here to bring you fresh content at 8AM every day. I realized a few days back that it’s been just a little over a year and a half since I started the site, and I’ve got to say…I’m damn proud of the fact that there’s been fresh content on here every single day. Get up, drink your coffee, read some KicksOneTwo. Daily routine. That’s some wavy shit. We’ve got some new Starting Fives and other dope content coming soon, so be sure to stay tuned. read more

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